A #NeverTrump Manifesto: Thwart the Forces of Evil and Rebuild Conservatism

donald trump flag illustration

November 8 is quickly approaching, and whether or not the apocalypse is upon us remains to be seen. Regardless, we in the #NeverTrump camp need to prepare as if our world may be crashing down around us. You know, hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Coming to terms with the scary fact that Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee is probably the starting point (a reality that we were assured would never happen under the supposed watchful eye of the GOP brain trust).

The astounding reality that currently exists seemed unfathomable a few short months ago because of what we know and have known about Trump – he’s evil, he’s a liar, and Donald Trump is not a conservative. Of course, it’s next to impossible to detail the myriad reasons why Trump is profoundly unqualified to occupy the Oval Office. This means that Donald Trump as the presumptive nominee makes the #NeverTrump movement even more important than when we were counting on Rubio or Cruz or the ghost of Ronald Reagan to save us. And since Trump is probably going to be on the ballot come November, there are three things, at the least, that I believe we in the #NeverTrump movement should resolve to do:

  1. Stay Committed
  2. Vote the Down Ballot
  3. Reach out to Trump Supporters.

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