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One of the things I was most looking forward to in coming to PJTV was bringing my experience producing and editing editing television for places like THE HISTORY CHANNEL and DISCOVERY NETWORK to bear on some issues I have always wanted to cover.

Right now the internet is in a strange place: it’s passed the point of dial-up modems where streaming video was simply out of the question, and it’s still considerably short of what is clearly coming: the merging of what we know as “the internet” and “cable television” into the same creature. So what I have tried to do with A SOLDIER’S STORY and my recent special on XCOR AEROSPACE is to put cable television on the internet. I’m not sure how well it works. They’re longer than “internet videos” and because they look like cable television they are much more labor intensive. Right now they don’t seem to be getting the hits needed to justify their production time, but thankfully PJTV is a forward-looking company and we still have time to play.

So here’s the link to my adventure in Private Space Exploration:

XCOR afterburner2   

LunarPalooza Part 1: The Future of Space Exploration Is In Your Hands

LunarPalooza Part 2: Private Enterprise Goes Where No Man Has Gone Before

And I’m proud to say that part two of the first A SOLDIER’S STORY is now online. Leon Cooper finished his nightmare at Tarawa, came home for some R&R, and then shipped out to a little vacation beach called Iwo Jima. We also get his views on the dropping of the atomic bombs, and find that discussing the people that have second-guessed the whole things provides Leon Cooper and Bill Whittle with a common adjective.

leon cooper iwo jima


Leon Cooper, Part 2: Escaping Death, Iwo Jima & The Atomic Bomb

Also, I am trying to get on a much more predictable schedule regarding output, since A SOLDIER STORY and the LUNARPALOOZA took so much of my time. I hope to have a new Afterburner segment up every Monday morning, and since I plan to record it on the previous Wednesday, I mean to post it here by Friday night so you regular stalwarts get the scoop. Look for Sarah Palin very shortly in print here at E3, and then the video version on the PJTV AFTERBURNER page early Monday.