But here’s the real tragedy that Joe has turned his flashlight on: it’s not just that it’s not okay to punish Joe for wanting to live the American Dream. It’s not just that Obama wants to re-distribute the wealth of a lowly plumber. The real tragedy is that no one objected when he said he wanted to take money from the rich.


The Rich – the top one percent of the population, currently pay forty percent of total income tax.

Let me try somethinmg I learned from Joe Biden, only I’ll uise it to tell the truth; Let me repeat that: the tope one percent of the population pays forty percent of the income tax. And that’s up from thirty four percent in 2002, so they are not getting tax breaks, they are actually paying more now than they did when Bush took office.

One the other hand, the bottom fifty percent of Americans – half – pay three percent. Let me repeat that: the top one percent pays forty percet of taxes, and the bottom half – half!! – pays three percent. And everybody thinks that’s fair and appropriate?

(I actually saved time by having a wax dummy with the same expression made for all the screen grabs. An assistant just changes the clothes and snaps a new pic!)


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