Rock The Vote or Steal The Vote? Sequoia e-voting Machines Easy To Hack

Researchers at Princton University’s  Center for IT Policy demonstrated how theywere able to completely compromise the Sequoia AVC Advantage electronic voting machine, in just seven minutes. The security study, conducted for the state of New Jersey after legal actions by public interest groups,  highlighted major security flaws in the e-voting system. The study, which Sequoia attempted to block, was conducted last month and the Sequoia system failed to meet legal standards set by the state. The researchers wrote 122 lines of code in 2 days, that automatically changed votes from one candidate to another. The system has also been tested in California with similar, chilling results. And the report says the flaws get worse, undermining the trust in the results of any machine used. With only 4 weeks left before elections, options are limited.