Wired.Com Survey: Networks May Be To Blame For iPhone Troubles

Are Apple’s iPhone troubles in the unit itself or caused by inmature and overloaded 3G networks? Wired.com’s survey of over 2600 iPhone users suggests that complaints regarding speed problems “have more to do with the carriers’ networks than with Apple’s handsets.” Europe has some of the most mature 3G nets and it’s no surprise that Germany and The Netherlands reported the fastest average download speeds. Performance in some major US metro areas was very slow, due in part to a concentration of users and 3G towers being overloaded with traffic.

But as some industry watchers point out, the Wired study appears to be all about speed. While the class action suits being filed complain about Apple misleading customers regarding speed and performance, there are many more customer complaints about dropped calls and simple connectivity. It’s possible that this may be more of an Apple problem than a network issue. (more here)

The jury is still out on the actual cause of the iPhone troubles but one thing is certain: there is a class action lawyer that just had a very bad morning.

Wired.Com survey here