Ed Driscoll

15 Minutes Into the Future


1. To speak of Islamist violence, or to suggest there is a problem in Islam, is racist, and hateful, and irrational, and “islamophobic.”

2. It is so predictable that Islamists will kill you if you say something “anti-Islamic” that victims of murder attempts can be said to have brought their attacks on themselves.

Two other hard-to-reconcile claims:

1. Islam is compatible with Western values.

2. We’re going to have to change some core Western values to avoid violence from our new Muslim friends.

“Two Contradictory Claims the Left Urges On Us,” Ace, today.


I am trying to imagine the coming American “utopia”, where everyone will be compelled to publicly accept the moral neutrality of homosexual acts, traditional Christian teachings on the subject will be excluded from the the marketplace of ideas, but an enormous cultural carve-out will be made for Muslim sensibilities. If Islamist radicals shoot up a gay pride parade, will the incident simply be considered a moral wash, or will gays actually be expected to apologize for provoking their assailants?

Halp me Garrie Trudoe I’m stuk hear in america and cant figyour out all this morul relativizm!

“Cognitive dissonance,” the Paco Enterprises blog, yesterday.

And the answer is: It depends on quickly the MSM can memory hole the terrorist attack. Beyond this week’s blanket “The bitch had it coming” response from the MSM to Pam Geller, it will be interesting to see how long her event in Garland stays in the mind of the collective overculture, or how quickly it’s airbrushed away.

Until, God forbid, it happens again, either to her, or the hypothetical gay pride parade that Paco describes above.

Update: Hey, it’s only a matter of time: