Ed Driscoll

NBC Anchor Rails Against 'Half-Black' Obama 'Doubling Down' on Calling Rioters 'Thugs'

Return with us now to the happy fun years of MSNBC, when in 2009, merely opposing Mr. Obama’s spendthrift fiscal policies was “racism straight up,” and 2012, when words like “golf” and “Chicago” were racist dog whistles. (As James Taranto deadpanned at the time, if you’re hearing dog whistles, you’re the dog.)

Today, MSNBC’s Alex Wagner, married to Obama’s former White House chef (the Obamas attended their wedding), unleashes her inner racialist for all to see, while interviewing a far left Salon hack:

Brittney, you bring up this point in your writing today that it is as much a black-white issue as much as it’s a black-black issue. I mean, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is a black woman. Barack Obama is half-black, half-white, but is identified as a black president and they’re using the word thug. Now, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has since apologized, but the president seems, if we’re to believe the White House press secretary, defiantly sort of doubling down on this is how I describe looters and people who perpetrate violence.

As someone noted on Twitter, while the Baltimore CVS was being picked clean live on MSNBC Monday night, Wagner referred to it as a “possible” looting. The previous week, as the Weasel Zippers blog spotted, “Wagner Thinks Photo Of Boston Bomber Giving Middle Finger Just Him Being A 19 Yr Old.” MSNBC viewers — they blow up so fast these days!

On the other hand, if you worked at MSNBC, wouldn’t you be doing anything you could to escape? Perhaps, as with Martin Bashir’s scatological attack on Sarah Palin in late 2013, which resulted in his firing, this is all a coded cry for help. Has anyone checked the video at Real Clear Politics to see if Alex is blinking SOS in Morse code?

In the meantime, as Greg Pollowitz of Twitchy quips, “This is a really good week. Thug, thanks to POTUS, and Obama is half black, thanks to @alexwagner, are now  approved for use.”

You stay classy, NBC and Comcast.