Ed Driscoll

Ted Cruz Destroys CNN Hack!

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“This is the most hilarious interview with Ted Cruz I’ve seen thus far. Thank you CNN, for delivering this epic bit of blowback,” Michael van der Galien writes at Tatler; hence my BuzzFeed/Jon Stewart-style over-the-top headline. But this is a fun clip:

[CNN’s Dana Bash] tried to smack Cruz around by comparing him to Obama (funny, she didn’t have a problem with the current president having no executive or much political experience when he ran for the White House in 2008), hoping it would silence and embarrass the senator from Texas.

She got a healthy dose of “you’ve got to be kidding” me instead.

Can Cruz win? It’s early, and a strong, crowded GOP field. But unlike the even-more-accomplished Scott Walker, who’s been somewhat tentative in dealing with media, Cruz does appear to understand that before he can have a shot at the Democrat nominee, he’s got to deal with that party’s operatives with bylines — and so far, seems prepared to do battle.

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