Ed Driscoll

Fear Mongering Senator, Presidential Candidate Tells Impressionable Young Child That World Will Soon End

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Ted Cruz today? No, try Bobby Kennedy in 1968.

That’s how old the left’s doomsday rhetoric is; the actual causes come and go — pollution, acid rain, global cooling, global warming, generic climate change, whatever. The end result is that the world will soon come to end — unless we elect socialist politicians who pretend to be a cross between scientists, mystical clerics and slide rule technocrats. Or as I wrote a couple of years ago, linking to Bobby’s speech in ’68, Carter’s malaise speech a decade later, and Obama’s Dr. Strangelove-esque “science” “czar” John Holdren, “Welcome Back My Friends to the Malaise that Never Ends.”

Regarding Cruz, as Allahpundit writes at Hot Air, “Today’s top story: Three-year-old hears Ted Cruz say that the world is on fire:”

To cleanse the palate, I’m not joking with that headline. Thanks to lefty boredom on a slow news day, the fake outrage over this has propelled it to the toppermost of the poppermost on Memeorandum. (Sample hed via Dave Weigel: “Ted Cruz Shouts Insane Rhetoric At Terrified Little Girl In New Hampshire.”) Which is funny, because the only thing distinguishing Cruz’s line from something you or your three-year-old might hear in a stock Democratic speech about climate change is the hopeful note Cruz sounds at the end. Hopenchange will come and go but melting glaciers are forever. Put away the jumprope and start thinking about boat designs, Janie.

Someday the left will realize that it scaremongers as much as the right does, frequently about much sillier things, but today is not that day.

When does that reckoning ever arrive? With Al Gore muttering lunatics pronouncements such his goal to “Punish Climate-Change Deniers,” while pocketing $100 mil from Big Oil, a little reflection is long overdue.

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