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Logan's Run

“By interfering with the negotiation, the 47 Senators have violated the terms of the Logan Act,” is the second trope knocked aside by John Podhoretz in “2 Wrongheaded Liberal Takes on the Cotton Letter” at Commentary:

But turning the Logan Act on Senate Republicans is a genuinely hilarious bit of rank hypocrisy for liberals and Democrats to make, since almost every incidence of foreign-policy freebooting against an administration’s efforts in the modern era has come from the Left, and the outrage generated by such efforts—by Jesse Jackson in Syria in 1984, by Congressional Republicans in Nicaragua throughout the 1980s, by Rep. Jim McDermott in Iraq in 2003, by Jimmy Carter with Hamas in 2008. The silence at the time when it came to these acts of “interference” with Presidential foreign policy on the part of liberals and the media were deafening.

Not the least of which was Teddy Kennedy attempting to negotiate with the Soviet Union to undermine Reagan in the ’84 election.

“Oh, two last things for those trying to pin a Logan Act violation on the GOP for this one,” from Moe Lane:

One, you’re all a bunch of pig-ignorant doofuses (doofusi?).  Two, the reason why you’re all a bunch of pig-ignorant doofuses (doofi?) is because “The Logan Act doesn’t prevent members of Congress from speaking to foreign governments.”  As was noted by… Media Matters for America.  And here’s the screenshot, for when they take that entry down (H/T to @hunterpearce for that one). Mind you, the Constitution takes precedent over this one anyway, which is why the more rabid elements of the Left are screaming so loudly.  Well, and because they’re all a bunch of pig-ignorant doofuses (I should just stop trying to make that word operate under another language’s grammatical rules)*…

Meanwhile, staffers at the New York Daily News are busy pondering if Obamacare covers neck braces from the horrible case of whiplash caused by this 180 degree spin, as spotted by John Nolte at Big Journalism:

  1. Just a few weeks ago, The Daily News spent days blasting away at former-New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani for expressing his personal opinion of President Obama’s patriotism in what he thought was a private setting.
  2. For writing an open letter to the Iranians, on its front cover Tuesday morning, the Daily News blasted 47 Republican Senators, including decorated war veteran Tom Cotton, as “Traitors.”
  3. The New York Daily News advertises itself as an objective media outlet.

Of course, both of those headlines can be boiled down to a single root cause:

Update: “Time to reset the Vox ‘days without an error’ clock.”

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