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CNN Pre-Spins DOJ Report That Vindicates Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson

Last night, CNN aired a report claiming systematic racial bias in Ferguson, which I watched at the gym last night while being force-fed my daily half-hour ration of the Most Busted Name in News on the two-way Ministry of Truth telescreen above the treadmill. Watching it begged the obvious question, which of course CNN won’t answer: even if it’s true, what does that have to do with a man who robbed a convenience store, strongarmed the clerk, resisted arrest and died while trying to steal a police officer’s gun?


Answer: smokescreen, baby. “Must read: DOJ report totally vindicates Darren Wilson in Michael Brown shooting,” Allahpundit writes today:

Lots more at the link about how the most damning witnesses against Wilson, the ones who claimed Brown did nothing more than try to surrender, were easily exposed as liars once their stories were compared to the physical evidence and testimony from others. I’m imagining Eric Holder, who went to Ferguson promising to bring the “full resources” of the DOJ to bear on this investigation, rubbing his temples as he read through to the end of what his deputies had concluded. But then, as Ace says, that’s why Holder hedged from the outset by promising to investigate the Ferguson police generally for wider racial bias. He was smart enough to know that a civil-rights investigation of Wilson, which was always a longshot, could blow up on him completely by generating the sort of total acquittal that we’re seeing in today’s report. He needed a political consolation prize. No wonder he released that report yesterday, before this one. [Emphasis mine — Ed] Imagine if the “Wilson was innocent” results had dropped today as the sum total of the DOJ’s work so far.

Exit question: Would Eric Holder, after reading this report, have brought charges against Wilson if he had been the St. Louis D.A.? Bob McCulloch, the St. Louis prosecuting attorney, ate mountains of crap from the left when he couldn’t obtain an indictment. Does Holder think he could have, or should have?


As Ace sardonically asks, with Wilson vindicated, “What am I expected to do with this information?”

Well, riot, I guess.

And Holder and Obama do want those riots, because any riots empower Obama and Holder, and give the rioters an outlet for their rage (and thus will not hold it against Obama and Holder that they’re not prosecuting Wilson).

This crew is actually willing to sacrifice some mid-sized cities rather than take a small PR hit.

I would expand “this crew” to also include their enablers in the MSM, who seemed gleeful to gin up the riot in November, and are doing everything they can to make the rubble bounce today.

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