'Damn It, Who Talked?'

Meanwhile, in France:

Drugs -- and/or earth tones -- are bad, kids. This is how it all starts:

The above tweets are where it can end up.

Or worse, the above passages were written...sober? Actually, the latter is far more likely the case, at least for Naomi. As Jonah Goldberg wrote on Friday, in the latest edition of his weekly G-File, “the liberal ideological comfort zone is incredibly narrow:”

If an issue can’t be turned into a critique of America (or: white privilege, the religious Right (variously defined), capitalism, the GOP, or some other float in the parade of horribles that is the legacy of those horrible Pale Penis People who gave us so much of Western civilization), then the conversation must be pulled in that direction. It’s simply where their minds go. Rhetorically they have to fight every fight on home turf.

Hence Bates says, “I think we also have to remember that this isn’t just Islamic extremism . . .” Blah blah blah. No, we don’t have to remember anything of the sort. You have a pathological need to change the subject. People like Bates can’t help themselves. They have to get the conversation back to a place where they are comfortable talking about their preferred enemies and demons, even if he has to haul a 30-year-old 600 pound red herring into the studio to do it.

Hence the descent into the fantasyland conspiracy theories. Not the first time in recent weeks for Naomi Wolf, former Al Gore advisor, and not the first time for the rest of the American left in recent years.

Update: Ace squares the circle: "Paris' Muslims and Jimmy Carter Agree: The Charlie Hebdo Murders Were Engineered by The Jews."

From the socialist perspective, isn't everything?