Whatever Gets You Through the Night


Hey, if that’s how you justify not reporting — or at least not illustrating — the news, well, we all have to find a way to sleep at night.

Of course, that conservative Catholic family in Brooklyn outraged over Piss Christ? The Times cares about their feeling so much, they hire the “artist” who created it to illustrate their anti-Bush stories.


Plus,  “7 Offensive Images The New York Times Wasn’t Afraid to Publish.”

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Flashback: In 1992, New York Magazine reported that Times publisher Pinch Sulzberger “told a crowd of people that alienating older white male readers means ‘we’re doing something right.’”

Compare Baquet’s email above with Sulzberger’s quote, and you start to get a sense of how their newspaper defines the words “objective journalism.”

Update 1/9/15: Bacquet calls USC professor an “asshole” today on professor’s Facebook page after his criticism of Bacquet not publishing the Charlie Hebdo cartoons. Confirmed: Gray Lady Regresses to Infantilism.


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