Time for His Colleagues at the Post to Dump on Bob Woodward Again

As the Insta-Professor notes:

YEAH, BUT THEY’RE NOT JOURNALISTS NOW, THEY’RE DEMOCRATIC OPERATIVES WITH BYLINES: Bob Woodward: Today’s Journalists Should Investigate The IRS Scandal Like Watergate.


Last year, when Woodward noted in a recent book that it was the Obama administration that initially proposed the budget sequester not the GOP, tyro juiceboxers Ezra Klein and Matt Yglesias, then still on the payroll of the Washington Post organization organized a JournoList campaign to seriously trash their fellow Post employee’s reputation, as the news he was generating was doubleplus ungood crimethink not advancing the (Democrat) party line. Will the effort to blacklist Woodward repeat itself once again?

Related: “Ex-CBS reporter’s book reveals how liberal media protects Obama:”

When the White House didn’t like [Sharyl Attkisson’s] reporting, it would make clear where the real power lay. A flack would send a blistering e-mail to her boss, David Rhodes, CBS News’ president — and Rhodes’s brother Ben, a top national security advisor to President Obama.

Which brings us back to Glenn Reynolds’ headline above.


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