Ed Driscoll

That was the Week That Was

Oh, and then there was this showstopper: “Michelle Obama calls ‘Bruce Bailey’ (D-CAND, Iowa Senate) a ‘Marine,’” Moe Lane writes:

Here’s the video of the event: it autoplays and I can’t turn it off, so skip ahead to 3:28 – where, indeed, the First Lady called Bruce Braley a USMC veteran*. I hope I need hardly note that Bruce Braley is not, in point of fact, a military veteran? And that, in fact, his opponent Joni Ernst is still serving in the military? That Ernst, indeed, was deployed to Kuwait for Operation Iraqi Freedom? – Because everybody else in that room – heck, in Iowa – knew that**.

Tell me again how having the First Lady swoop into problematic races is going to be helpful to the Democrats. No, really, tell me. Because I already know how it’s proving to be helpful to the GOP.

All of these meltdowns by the left are Jim Geraghty is proffering “A Cause for Cautious Optimism about the GOP’s Midterm Prospects.”

Great cautious optimism kid — don’t get cocky, the Insta-professor might say, paraphrasing a certain legendary Corellian freighter pilot.

 Update: “Ohio’s Ed FitzGerald enters candidate stupidity contest with help from Amanda Bynes.”