2016 Might Not Be Much Fun for Harry Reid

Of course, no year is really fun for Harry Reid — simply because, hey, he’s Harry Reid. But as Moe Lane writes, “Everybody Harry Reid’s ever viciously attacked is getting ready for 2016:”


But in some ways it’s irrelevant: contra the Politico article, I suspect that most of the groups that will be going after Harry Reid would be going after him if Reid’s opponent was Bozo the Clown.  And they’re going to do that because while getting Harry Reid out of office is business, for these guys it’s personal, too.  Harry Reid made it personal.  Harry Reid has been accusing his opponents of being a bunch of secret anti-American totalitarians, and he did so in the nastiest way possible. I am not a libertarian, per se, but I am familiar with the people who are – and Harry Reid is everything that they detest in an American politician. He has no fixed principles. He has no shame. He has no compunction against feathering his own nest with public funds. In fact, Harry Reid flaunts the fact that his riches comes not from actual work, but from manipulating the system and collecting favors.

Read the whole thing. Of course, you can ruin this year for Harry Reid as well, by helping return him to minority leader of the Senate.


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