Ed Driscoll

To Be Fair, They Also Think President Bartlet was Real as Well

“To wit: people who have been programmed into screaming about this case, wound up, and sent on their merry way… and their merry way has led them to SCOTUSBlog, which apparently a large cross-section of the Left-Internet thinks is the official blog of the Supreme Court**. SCOTUSBlog, God bless ‘em, are retweeting the best – which is to say, most hysterical – comments, presumably so that the Left’s handlers will get into action and exert some control over their epistemic closure poster children.”

Update: No wonder the left (a) melted down over Hobby Lobby and (b) directed so much venomous anger at SCOTUSBlog: Stacy McCain explores the Existential Theory of Liberalism, in which he posits, “To a liberal, nothing exists unless it is mandated, subsidized and/or regulated by the federal government.”

I think such a worldview loses something in translation, however. Doesn’t “Tutto nello Stato, niente al di fuori dello Stato, nulla contro lo Stato” — living la dolce eschaton! — sound much more enticing?