Actually, I Used To Be Make-Believe Disgusted, Now I Try to be Make-Believe Amused

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Trigger Warning! Andrew Klavan asks, “Are you make-believe outraged?”

This sort of thing is make-believe outrageous!  I’m not going to be forced to live in the world as it is!  I demand hypocrisy or, so help me, I’ll recoil in feigned horror at the basic facts of life.

Before individuals thoughtlessly open their mouths and say something I disagree with — or recklessly behave in a way completely in keeping with human nature — I want them to display a trigger warning so I can prepare to pretend I’m traumatized.

Everyone knows the truth will set you free.  And we can’t have that.  This is America.  I am make-believe outraged and I demand an insincere apology!


Entirely unrelated! “‘Redskins’ Earns a Trigger Warning on MSNBC.”

Curiously, while parent company NBC has been televising professional football since World War II, not one of their viewers has ever demanded a trigger warning when network anchors referred to the team.

And shouldn’t the phrase “Trigger Warning” itself come with a trigger warning, based on MSNBC’s love of feigned outrage and magical thinking?


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