There Are No Socialists In Divorce Court

Michael Moore, who has spent his entire career attacking capitalism, wealth, and Wall Street, is suddenly very protective concerning the capital, wealth and investments he has amassed over the years. As Christian Toto writes at Big Hollywood, “Far-left filmmaker Michael Moore is divorcing his wife, and the looming court battle looks ugly already.” Christian links to this Smoking Gun report, which notes that “the couple’s combined assets are likely worth tens of millions of dollars,” including “multiple substantial residences and multiple companies:”


The couple’s real estate holdings include a total of nine properties in Michigan and New York. The duo co-owns a Manhattan condo that was created through the combination of three separate units.

But it is the northern Michigan mansion (seen above) that appears to be the couple’s most contentious asset, and bad press about the home has apparently rankled Moore.

Citing “massive cost overruns” on the home, which was completed a few years ago, Moore has accused Glynn of causing the pair significant financial setbacks. In fact, he refers to the extravagant residence as “her Torch Lake home” in court filings.

The Smoking Gun adds:

Moore has also demanded Glynn to disclose whether, during the course of their marriage, she had ever hired a private investigator to “follow, record, photograph” him. Court records do not include Glynn’s reply to that query, which has been made more than once.

Huh, why would Moore be concerned about that? His entire career was built on ambush interviews and longer forms of video surveillance, such as this immersive example from 1999:

In what he says is a technological tit-for-tat, filmmaker Michael Moore has trained a Webcam on the apartment of literary agent Lucianne Goldberg to “turn the tables on her” for instigating Linda Tripp’s secret taping of Monica Lewinsky.

Moore, the documentarian turned television personality, turned on the “I see Lucy cam,” last week, allowing Internet users around the world to participate in the 24-hour-a-day virtual stakeout of Goldberg’s New York City apartment.

So far, the attempt to invade Goldberg’s privacy – which apparently breaks no New York laws – has been interesting only in concept. The “highlights” so far, according to the hunter and the hunted: Evidence that Goldberg does not have central air conditioning and that her television was tuned to “Touched By An Angel” on Sunday night.


And thus Saul Alinsky’s Rule Four — “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules” — exposes the hypocrisy of yet another Alinsky devotee; hypocrisy being the last remaining sin amongst leftist true believers.

Update: The Big Hollywood and Smoking Gun articles both ran this past Thursday, but Kathy Shaidle emails that she was writing about the Moores’ divorce when it was initially announced almost a year ago, in July of 2013. As she asked in her email, “Wow, how long do divorces take??”

Evidently, quite a long time when you breathe the rarefied air of the Elite One Percent. As a wise sage once said, “The rich are wallowing in the loot they’ve accumulated in the past two decades, and now they want to make sure you don’t come a-lookin’ for your piece of the pie.”


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