Question Asked and Answered

Exactly which elite, liberal institution lives up to the Left’s values, Mary Katharine Ham asked on Tuesday:

The New York Times caught up in an equal-pay dispute.

The White House has repeatedly been shown to be guilty of the same sin against liberal doctrine.

Same with the offices of incumbent Senate Democrats.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s office offers unpaid internships.

Media Matters for America didn’t want its employees unionizing.

And, now, NYU’s Abu Dhabi campus has been flagrantly flouting liberal values in its construction. NYU, in the style of President Obama, is just finding out about this, as mad as anyone if the allegations prove true, and determined to get to the bottom of this.


Today, we can add yet another to the list: “Ex-CNN employee claims boss fired him for being gay, called him ‘flamboyant’ in $60 million suit,” reports the left-leaning New York Daily News:

A former employee at CNN claims he was fired from the cable news station because he’s gay and was too “flamboyant” because he wore bright colors and mariachi outfits in the workplace, according to a $60 million discrimination lawsuit.

William Kane, who started working at CNN in 2002, claims no one at the news agency had ever complained about the hot pink shirt he wore in his employee I.D. photo, or the bright red track jacket, neon green soccer jersey or yellow track suit with matching shoes and hat.

But after Kane’s supervisor John Silva learned that he was gay, the workplace turned hostile, the suit states.

As Mary Katharine concluded, “The last couple months makes one wonder if the reason liberals always demand laws to make everyone adhere to their values, is because they can’t manage to live up to them on their own. They have to be forced.”


Although to be fair, she asked which elite liberal institution lives up to the Left’s values. Given CNN’s race to the bottom of ratings and credibility, that certainly gives them an out on being an elite institution, even allowing for their elitist far left worldview.



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