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"Time for HHS to come clean on Obamacare enrollment data," Philip Klein writes at the Washington Free Beacon, noting that "just 67 percent of individuals signing up for health insurance through the federal health exchange as of April 15 paid their first month's premiums and actually completed enrollment." Beyond Klein's caveats, that some premiums may be payable after the 15th, and that the numbers are only for the federal exchange, which means "the report excludes the heavily populated New York and California," and a dozen other states, plus the District of Columbia.

But here's where it gets fun:

This puts HHS officials in a pickle. If they attack the Republican report as inaccurate, it will be an implicit acknowledgement that they have numbers that they aren’t releasing. So their choice is either to stay silent and let the GOP-obtained data fill the news vacuum, or release detailed enrollment data.

Catch-44, it's the best catch there is:

(Found via Moe Lane. And yes, I know I just ran this clip. But what the heck, it's fun to see it again.)

Oh, and speaking of Catch-44,"Jay Carney clashes with Jon Karl: That Benghazi e-mail from Ben Rhodes wasn’t about Benghazi," and Rhodes plays a role in yet another example of that phenomenon in action, as the Director Blue Weblog graphically illustrates why Sharyl Attkisson found so much of her reportage at CBS bottled up:


Meanwhile at Right Scoop, "Mark Levin discusses new Benghazi emails showing AP reporter colluding with State Dept. against Fox News reporting."

Do not miss the screencaps at Right Scoop that show "AP reporter Matt Lee emailing then State Dept. spokeswoman Victoria Nuland on September 13, 2012 for her comment on what they agreed was 'bullshit' reporting on Fox News regarding the State Dept. having credible information 48 hours before the Benghazi attack."