Ed Driscoll

Obama: A Uniter, Not a Divider!


When both Ralph Nader and Roger L. Simon, our friendly neighborhood Maximum Pajamahadeen Emeritus reach consensus, the only question is finding a road map forward. Fortunately, Andrew McCarthy has that covered with the topic of his new book, Faithless Execution: Building the Political Case for Obama’s Impeachment, due out in early June from Encounter Books.

Will it actually happen, though? Linking to Roger’s new post, Glenn Reynolds is understandably skeptical:

I don’t think anyone will impeach Obama because (1) He’s black, and impeaching the first black President is too fraught; (2) Another impeachment so soon after Clinton might set a pattern; and (3) President Biden. But I was serious when I called for him to resign over the Nakoula arrest. It was a transparent case of political scapegoating and a complete abrogation of Presidential responsibility. In itself, it indicated an unfitness to serve, and subsequent revelations have merely underscored that fact. For the same reason, of course, I didn’t expect him to resign.

But if impeachment isn’t going to happen, that’s no reason not to put the principals under oath at Congressional hearings. The truth should be brought out, in all its ugliness.

Barring impeachment, Moe Lane offers a modest proposal: “Ten Things Barack Obama Will Need To Do In 2015 Before Republicans Will Begin To Trust Him.”

“And, for the record?,” Moe adds, sticking the rhetorical dagger in, “I expect Barack Obama to not do a single thing on that list.  Which is pretty much the Democrats’ problem, not mine.”

Which may be why the MSM is grudgingly noting that “The 2014 cycle is starting to look an awful lot like 2010.”

And as with the run-up to November of 2010, expect the MSM — when not searching for sunken aircraft and ferries — to be all racism, all the time.