Ed Driscoll

And Speaking of Surveys...

A fan of the site who is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Political Science at Stony Brook University emailed asking for some help from our readers:

My colleagues and I are conducting a national survey and I was hoping that you would be interested in helping us.  The survey we are conducting is interested in how people’s personal characteristics and beliefs shape their understanding of other people and American society. Conservatives tend to be underrepresented in surveys, their opinions aren’t heard as a result and we don’t get an accurate picture of what Americans think about their society.

The survey takes roughly 15-20 minutes to complete. All survey responses will be completely confidential, and all identifying information will be stripped by the survey collection software.

The authors at BrothersJudd recently helped us out, and I was hoping you could do the same by posting the link to this survey on your site and encourage your readers to participate. I would be more than happy to send you (or any of your readers who are interested) the results of the data our team collects. If you have any reservations, I encourage you to take the survey yourself before posting it to your blog. I think you will find that it is interesting as well as quick and easy to complete.

Previous versions of this survey have been posted on a few liberal and conservative blogs and based on the feedback, readers have really seemed to enjoy taking it.  However, we desperately need conservative responses to the survey, as liberal responses currently outnumber conservatives about 2 to 1.

I would ask that you please discourage your readers from discussing the study until it’s over as it could bias other people’s results if they take the study after hearing about it from someone else (disabling the comments section would be ideal).

Thanks for your time!

Here’s the link to the survey; have fun.