The Narrative That Didn't Bark

After numerous politicians from one party appeared on the police blotter both yesterday and in the past week, it’s no surprise that “President Romney [is] Hounded by Media After String of High-Profile Republican Arrests,” as John Hayward of Big Journalism writes — from the Mirror Universe, where Spock as a goatee, and America’s MSM does its job objectively:


President Mitt Romney wanted to talk about his meeting with the Pope today, but instead he was besieged by a swarm of reporters shouting questions about the remarkable string of high-profile Republicans arrested by the FBI, or resigning under federal investigation, over the last few days.

“President Romney, several prominent Republicans were arrested yesterday, including the mayor of one of the nation’s largest cities, on charges ranging from corruption to purchasing weapons from international terrorists,” a reporter shouted from the crowd. “Does your Party have a problem?”

Since in real life, our existing MSM will only ask those sorts of questions to one of America’s two chief political parties, Michael Walsh takes up the slack in his latest column at PJM: ““Time to Break Out the RICO Statute and Break Up the Democrats.”


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