Blue On Blue: Rahm Emanuel Repeatedly Insults MSNBC's Chuck Todd

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As spotted by Mark Finkelstein of Newsbusters:

On today’s Daily Rundown, in a conversation about charter schools, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel repeatedly insulted host Chuck Todd, suggesting he was ignorant about charter schools, was “backward” looking, and that being in Washington had affected “your brain.” Todd generally took it in stride, but after one insult couldn’t suppress a “wow” of amazement at Rahm’s rudeness.


Finkelstein adds, “as a matter of substance though not style, I side with Emanuel. Todd seemed to be hitting Rahm with teachers-union talking points.”

At least based on Rahm’s responses to former Tom Harkin (D-IA) staffer Chuck Todd, the Obama advisor turned Chicago Mayor certainly seems a notch up on fellow big city leftist Bill de Blasio on the topic of charter schools.

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