Ed Driscoll

Choom of Doom


“In 1986, the gay lover of President Barack Obama’s former weed dealer beat him to death with a hammer for farting in his face,” as spotted by Jim Treacher, who writes:

Let me be clear: It was the weed dealer who was bludgeoned to death, not Obama himself. That would hardly make sense, would it?

The following doesn’t really mean much in the scheme of things. But hey, if we can talk about Palin’s tanning bed, and what her daughter’s ex-boyfriend’s mom did once, and so forth, why can’t we talk about this?

Yes. We. Can. Read the whole thing.™

Update: “Choom Groom Assumes Tomb when Doom Boom Looms after Buffoon Zooms Spume Flume,” Sisyphus Redux writes in our comments section.