Question Asked and Answered


● “NRO’s Goldberg: Where Are the ‘Reporters on Hillary Clinton’s Lawn’ Asking for Comment on Benghazi?”

—Headline for clip of Jonah on FNC’s MediaBuzz today at Breitbart TV.



● “Time’s Nancy Gibbs: For POTUS Run, Hillary Doesn’t Have to ‘Answer Every Controversy That Comes Up.’”

—Headline at Newsbusters on Friday.

Gibbs is a managing editor and Time-Warner-CNN-HBO employee, who has just announced that she and her magazine have given up their original role of journalism and have gone into the advocacy business.

Not that it wasn’t obvious before, of course, but it’s always fun to hear a “journalist” state that she’d rather have less information from a leading presidential candidate.

And it’s not the first time such an admission has been made by someone allegedly in the news-gathering business. In late November of 2008, another Time-Warner-CNN-HBO employee compared newly-elected President Obama to JFK, FDR, Lincoln and Bill Clinton and added, “The Americans who are comparing him to those remarkable predecessors are putting a lot of faith in a man they barely know.”

Now we have further conformation that this corporation views that as a feature, not a bug, when a presidential candidate has a (D) after his or name.


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