Hollywood, Then and Now

“Russell Johnson vs Lena Dunham Compare & Contrast,” Peter Ingemi suggests at his DaTechGuy blog, but he’s already done the work for us:

Like James Doohan’s Scotty, Russell Johnson’s Professor Roy Hinkley inspired people to science.  I would wager there are thousands of middle-aged scientists and engineers who spent their formative years watching the pair of them.

And he like Doohan he spent his 20s under fire fighting in World War 2.

In short Johnson was a role model a person could watch that show and say I’d like to be like that.

Think of this and compare it to the debate about Lena Dunhan’s Girls.  Let me remind you of what I wrote after watching the Season 2 premiere

I found a bunch of characters that I just plain didn’t like or care bout…which would explain the necessity for all the sex.

But just to be fair as I reached this point in this post I paused and watched the next episode of Girls (Season 2 episode 2) which although it talks about almost nothing but sex contains no actual nudity or sex scenes.

BOY did that confirm my original conclusion.

The Best description of the episode was the line her boyfriend used to describe her essay:

There wasn’t really anything going on


I don’t mind Hollywood’s nihilism; but if they’re going to make nothing but shows about nothing, I just wish they would cast better-looking people within them. (And speaking of which, “Vogue’s Lena Dunham airbrush uncovered: Unretouched image reveals exactly HOW MUCH Photoshop was used on the Girls star,” the London Daily Mirror reports, complete with blinking before-and-after gif.)

Ingemi concludes by noting that Dunham “is only 27 years old and Mr. Johnson was 39 when Gilligan’s Island premiered.”

Even before reading his conclusion, his post reminded me of my of my own recent compare and contrast post involving a pair of twenty-something males, then and now:



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