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Ed Driscoll

Oh, That Death of the Grown-Up

December 20th, 2013 - 1:01 pm


When Diana West wrote the The Death of the Grown-up in 2007, I wonder if she realized how badly things would plummet in just five years with the arrival of Footie Pajamas Boy. But first, let’s flash back several decades.

Granted, he was an outlier, but Orson Welles was 26 years old when he co-wrote, starred in, and directed Citizen Kane in 1941. (Which means he was 23 when he produced his infamous War of the Worlds radio adaptation in 1938 that eventually landed him his license to kill at RKO Pictures.) And he was a self-styled “Progressive,” who was playing an adult far beyond his age, both on screen and in real life. Picture a grizzled 50-something veteran lighting man who had been around Hollywood since the days of silent pictures being told how to light a set by a man half his age directing his first film, and you get a sense of what Orson was up against – and managed, through sheer will and force of personality, to pull off.

In the Ricochet Podcast yesterday, the gang attempted to triangulate the age of Footie Pajamas Boy, and since Obamacare covers “kids” until age 26 – again, the age that Orson Welles made his first and best movie – he has to be at least age 27. In his latest G-File email, Jonah Goldberg concurs with that estimation. As Jonah asks, “What Were They Thinking?”

First, it’s worth stating this isn’t about Ethan Krupp, the Obamacare activist who plays Pajama Boy. For all I know he bow-hunts alligators and rides a Harley. Though, come on, it’s doubtful. The point is that the Obama social-media folks, for whom Krupp works, are going for an image, so what Krupp is like in real life is irrelevant and people should probably leave the guy alone.

There’s a debate over why on earth the promoters of Obamacare would pick this image to hawk their wares. One side says that it was a brilliantly cynical move because it got people talking just like those “Brosurance” ads with the keg-stands got people talking. (The motto of the campaign is, after all, “Get Talking.”) If you can make young people chatter about Obamacare, goes the theory, more will eventually sign up. The other side of the argument is that this offers a real peak into the collective mind of liberalism (and the collective incompetence of the Obamacare team). Pajama Boy represents an actual constituency. There are males (if not necessarily “men”) who fit this profile.

Like most people who’ve thought it through, I’m more inclined to the latter. The Pajama Boy image is an extension of the original Thanksgiving enrollment video, which featured parents saying, “We love you no matter what, but it’s time to get covered.” Which isn’t quite as weird as saying “We are admirals of the pantless armada, give us your ball-bearing vestibules,” but still strange. The “we love you no matter what” line — like the “get talking” line — is an attempt to make getting insurance both edgy and mature at the same time. Edgy because there’s a vague hint that talking about this stuff violates a taboo or is difficult. Mature because it’s something grown-ups do.

But there are problems. For starters, Obamacare actually delays adulthood. You get to stay on your parents’ plan until you’re 26! Which means the young people we’re talking about are 27-year-olds! Twenty-seven used to be the age of seriously grown men. John Wayne was 27 in the Lucky Texan. You can go to college, enlist in the army, do a couple tours, and come home again before the age of 27. The average age of marriage for men is 28. (Though the women I’ve talked to think dudes who have difficult talks in their jammie onesies while drinking hot cocoa might have to wait a good deal longer. Seriously if women had Terminator-like vision that saw the world by sexual attraction instead of infrared, Pajama Boy would be an almost invisible boy-shaped vapor.)

Moreover, isn’t it interesting to see the contempt Gen-X and Baby Boomer liberals have for Millennials, or at least Millennial men? (By the way, where are the ads targeting young women?) Twenty-something males are either testosterone-addled idiots doing keg-stands or they’re suffering from estrogen poisoning.

Last, I love the rearguard effort from liberals trying to turn the mockery of Pajama Boy into proof of right-wing sexual insecurity. It seems to me this is a pretty desperate attempt by the MSNBC fanboy set to compensate for the fact that so many people find Pajama Boy pathetic. That cuts too close to home. So it must be more proof of racism or gender confusion. But if you just take a step back, you can see the problem. If you find yourself in the position of arguing that real men get snuggly in their jammies and drink cocoa, you need to push the keyboard away and walk around the block a bit.

But did the left attempt to troll conservatives by placing Footie Pajamas Boy in such an outrageous getup? We’ll quote from someone exploring that topic right after the page break.

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Pushing beta male IS the contrast to the kegger male.

Cocoa vs beer.

Doughy and soft vs macho and doofus. Ivy League vs State U.

Geeks vs Jocks.

In leftist world, ( where the color of their sun doesn't matter, it's just all rainbows and rose petals) jocks are all stupid, reckless and budding alcoholics. Beta males are all wiser than their parents and grandparents, nuanced, talented and secure.

They don't do subtle. They SAY they oppose stereotypes and preach "tolerance"...and there is no more consistently intolerant, stereotyping group in America today.

They think in absolutes, all answers are already given . Not only is the science "settled", ALL debates are "settled", with the premasticated strained pea and pablum answers spoon fed at indoctrination and propaganda outlet malls...known elsewhere as academia, media and Hollywood.

Pajama boy isn't an attempt to draw conservatives into anything. Conservatives aren't in the conversation leftists are having with liberals. THIS is how leftists and the Nation of Islam SEE liberals of that age.

Can you imagine making Pajama boy black or Hispanic? How would that play in the neighborhood?

Can you imagine making kegger frat boys black or Hispanic?

Pasty white liberals are the useful idiots being given instructions on how to be useful.

Bill Ayers wanted to "off" 25 million "bitter clingers. The older, more patriotic, faith-based crowd.

Obama and his cabal instituted every Constitution-shredding device to attrition them out instead. No cancer treatment after 76. Removal of your doctor, your plan, your hospital. Allowing massive election fraud, no verification for anyone crashing the system. Security checks removed. Spying on assemblage rights. Siccing the IRS on the freedom of speech.

No...pajama boy isn't a parody in red. He is the emblem of the manifesto. Be a weak, indoctrinated groupie...and get in the faces of the "bitter clingers" with the propaganda. After all, you're better, you're wiser...and gosh darn it...people like you.
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52 weeks ago
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At 27, I was a Lieutenant Department Head on a Navy warship, responsible for the lives and actions of 85 junior officers and enlisted men. I directed and coordinated the operation and maintenance of 100 million dollars worth of Engineering machinery.

Pajama boy is beyond pathetic.

52 weeks ago
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When George Washington was 21, he walked through Indian Country from Williamsburg, VA, to what is now Pittsburg, PA, to inform the commander of the French fort there located that they were trespassing on land claimed by the King of England and they were required to vacate. Walked. Alone.

Try to picture Pajamaboy delivering that letter.
52 weeks ago
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My best friend's aunt makes $88/hr on the computer. She has been without a job for six months but last month her paycheck was $16313 just working on the computer for a few hours. i was reading this >>>>>>
50 weeks ago
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Disgusting isn't it ? The woosification of the American male.....pajama boy should go get a sex change but he'll want you to pay for it.
51 weeks ago
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Krupp ? His name is Krupp?

From panzers to pajamas in one generation.
That, ladies and gentlemen, is one helluva fall.
51 weeks ago
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By age 26, my Dad had been the Commander of an Infantry Company fighting it's way across the Pacific, and was then the Fire Marshall for Yokohama during the Occupation of Japan.

At 26, the only thing "Pajama Boy" can occupy is Mommy and Daddy's basement.
51 weeks ago
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>>>>Though the women I’ve talked to think dudes who have difficult talks in their jammie onesies while drinking hot cocoa might have to wait a good deal longer. Seriously if women had Terminator-like vision that saw the world by sexual attraction instead of infrared, Pajama Boy would be an almost invisible boy-shaped vapor.

IF?! I know some real-life "pajama boys". Many are virgins at 30.
51 weeks ago
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I, like the author of the piece, don't see any problem with Ethan Krupp. He -- the person, not the "pajama boy" character -- IS acting like a grown up. He is an actor, works in his field, and gets paid for it, earning his keep. So what if he plays pajama boy? If he landed the role of a serial killer in a new series (a role, come to think of it, which he may well fit into), would you think he actually killed somebody?

The real-life pajama boys, on the other hand, now THAT is a problem.
51 weeks ago
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It's the Pony-Tailed Guy all over again! Remember him at the 1992 Bush-Clinton-Perot debate in Richmond? Remember the question he asked of the candidates?

"[H]ow can we, symbolically the children of the future president, expect the two of you – the three of you – to meet our needs."

Pony-Tailed Guy. "Julia." Pajama Boy. Chris Rock's remark that "the President and the First Lady are kinda like the Mom and the Dad of the country." Death of the grown-up, indeed.
51 weeks ago
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IMHO, Diana West is out of her depth in uhc of her strategic and military affairs writings. On the other hand, her "Death of the Grown-Up" meme was/is brilliant.
51 weeks ago
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"if women had Terminator-like vision that saw the world by sexual attraction"


"isn’t it interesting to see the contempt Gen-X and Baby Boomer liberals have for Millennials, or at least Millennial men"

Why is that interesting? Have Millennial men done anything, and I mean ANYTHING, deserving of non-contempt? Look at the voting record in 2008 and 2012. Millennials DESERVE the contempt.
51 weeks ago
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Increasingly, it seems to me that there is a war between the generations. Back in the 1960's and 1970's we "never trusted anyone over 30", and our parental units were both hurt and puzzled that we were so eager to throw them out and take over.

Since then, the Boomer bulge in the python has moved through American culture, pretty much telling everyone else what to do and how to do it simply because of the mass of numbers which could force the issue.

For a while, the Gen-X'ers started telling Boomers that their time was over, and their music was "dinosaur" and they should move aside. But guess what? With more healthy lifestyles and better medical care, 65 is the new 40 and Boomers have no intention of retiring and letting anyone else have the reins.

Now, we have the Millennials who, to be fair, don't seem to have the gumption nor the intellect to overthrow anyone or anything, but there just isn't room for them on the food chain ANYwhere -- so they're stuck in their parents' basements, seemingly for ever, being laughed at by the adults around them. They have their social media, which may or may not be powerful, but other than that they are remora fish feeding off the leavings of the body politic. When I do happen to notice a Millennial, it's just to observe that they seem to clump everywhere they go -- they have many many roommates, they all clump together at lunch pushing together tables, they clump walking down a sidewalk and then squeak is someone pushes through their clump, and they clump sharing cars and rides ... because a single Millennial evidently can't afford to buy their own apartment or lunch or car.

So ObamaCare is the latest and hugest clump of them all, designed to provide insurance for those without; i.e., unemployed Millennials. Who can't get jobs ... because Boomers are not retiring.

If colleges were still healthy, some grad student could probably write a PhD thesis on whether or not Millennials will have the fitness to survive, and if not, what that says about the state of the human race when the Boomers must finally start dying of old age.
51 weeks ago
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@ 27 I was shift supervisor for my weather office at Denver's DIA. Was 1 year into paying for my 1st house & was preparing to go back into the military for a short time when recalled by the USAF post-9/11. My services turned out to not be needed.

The thing is my experience, place at that time in life was so ORDINARY for people that age, education etc.,

Today 'Pajamas Boy' is far too commonplace AND sadly accepted as a 'norm'.
51 weeks ago
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