Ed Driscoll

Help Us Leonard Nimoy, You're Our Only Hope

“Hollywood — lending fake gravitas to junk science since 1978,” Kate writes today at Small Dead Animals, although I’d go back a decade earlier; it was in the late 1960s that Hollywood seemed to firmly embrace junk science, and began cranking out plenty of junk science fiction that warned us of the imagined horrors to come. (I’m looking at you, Charlton Heston.) Even Star Trek wasn’t immune in its final season; and certainly Leonard Nimoy’s In Search of series from the mid-1970s, complete with uber-cheesy first generation analog synthesizer score, wasn’t either.

Between their synth score and Nimoy’s mock stentorian tone, all of the In Search of episodes were anti-classics in their own right, but the “The Coming Ice Age: In Search of Global Cooling” episode looks increasingly silly as time passes. Though it works in one precautionary sense, albeit not as its makers intended. As Zombie noted at PJM last year, the warnings for what industrialized man should do to fight global cooling are virtually identical to the warnings would-be “climate” “scientists” have given to fight global warming as well. Click over to Kate’s post to watch the whole thing, but not before viewing the clip below; that episode is even more fun if you know one of the players involved, who was busted a few years ago for first predicting doom from global cooling, and decades later, predicting doom from global warming:

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Earlier: Al Gore’s Final Countdown for the Polar Ice Caps Expires, complete with video of Al warning in 2008 that “the entire North ‘polarized’ cap will disappear in 5 years.”