Ed Driscoll

North Korea's Nuclear Arsenal Not Seared into John Kerry's Memory

Michael Warren of the Weekly Standard spots Kerry’s latest gaffe:

ABC News journalist Martha Raddatz asked Kerry, who was in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, about the execution of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s uncle.

“I mean it really reminded me of — of a video that we saw of Saddam Hussein doing the same thing, having people plucked out of an audience and people sitting there sweating and nobody daring to move or do anything,” said Kerry, according to the transcript provided by ABC News. “Um, this is the nature of this ruthless, horrendous dictatorship and of his insecurities.  And — and I think we — we need to factor that into the urgency of getting China, Russia, Japan, South Korea, all of us, uh, to stay on the same page and to put as much effort into the denuclearization as possible.  To have a nuclear weapon, potentially, in the hands of somebody like Kim Jong In — Jun — just becomes even more unacceptable.”

As Warren notes, “North Korea first tested its nuclear weapons capabilities in 2006 and had a more successful test in 2009. The country’s most recent nuclear test was earlier this year.”

With a man like the ol’ Winter Soldier as Secretary of State, the country’s in the best of hands, as the Professor is wont to insta-say.

And speaking of which, “Iran Now Unhindered in Obtaining Nuclear Weapons, Experts Warn,” Maria Kelso writes at the Heritage Foundation.

“Those who sought to reshape American foreign policy should have been careful what they wished for,” Victor Davis Hanson adds today on “Obama’s Ironic Foreign Policy.”

Update: Regarding the performance by Kerry’s fellow presumptive Democrat at the House of Stephanopoulos, Jim Treacher writes, “Either Raddatz doesn’t know North Korea has nukes already — not ‘potentially,’ but right freaking now — or she just didn’t want to embarrass Kerry. Given the job she did as moderator during the Biden/Ryan debate, either possibility is equally likely.”

(Via JWF.)