Ed Driscoll

Hey, Wasn't Emmanuel Goldstein a 'White Hispanic' as Well?

“Holder: Hey, we still might go after George Zimmerman, maybe.” About which, Jim Treacher responds:

George Zimmerman was tried and found guilty by a race-obsessed media. A jury of his peers disagreed. They based their decision on the actual evidence, not the twisted narrative that was spun around that evidence, often in direct contradiction of it.

But why should that be the end of it? Zimmerman is still alive, isn’t he? And the Obama administration needs distractions, now more than ever. Scapegoating private citizens for political purposes is just how things are done now.

Welcome to Utopia.

Oh and speaking of which, if you’re of Hispanic extraction and not on the left, and do not support race-based policies, a giant welfare state, nationalism or socialism, who does that make you the second coming of? I’ll be here “Waiting to Exhale,” in case you need time to stumble over the obvious.