Ed Driscoll

Maureen's Been Hitting the Cooking Sherry Again

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The NY Times’ Maureen Dowd has quite a vivid imagination about reducing the out-of-control growth of big government. Here’s a sampling:

AN ape sits where Abe sat.The year is 2084, in the capital of the land formerly called North America.

The peeling columns of the Lincoln Memorial, and Abe’s majestic head, elegant hands and big feet are partially submerged in sludge. Animals that escaped from the National Zoo after zookeepers were furloughed seven decades ago migrated to the memorials, hunting for food left by tourists.

The white marble monuments are now covered in ash, Greek tragedy ruins overrun with weeds. Tea Party zombies, thrilled with the dark destruction they have wreaked on the planet, continue to maraud around the Hill, eager to chomp on humanity some more.


Libertarian Senator Rand Paul’s proposed federal budget for 2014 is $3.2 trillion, which is “only” half a trillion less than the president’s budget, and in any case, “That’s a lot of money for an anarchist who doesn’t believe in government,” as Before it’s News.com deadpanned on Thursday.

However, nobody show Maureen Roger L. Simon’s latest column. She’s likely to have an cerebral hemorrhage just from the title alone.

On the other hand, give Maureen credit: at least she posits that some form of life will survive on planet earth for another 70 years. That puts her slightly ahead of some others on the far left.