Shots Fired at Capitol


That’s the headline at Drudge, which links to this initial AP report:


Police say the U.S. Capitol has been put on a security lockdown amid reports of possible shots fired outside the building.

People standing outside the Supreme Court across the street from Congress were hurried into the court building by authorities.

In a notice distributed by email, the U.S. Capitol Police advised everyone to “close, lock and stay away from external doors and windows. The notice said gunshots have been reported on Capitol Hill.

The Washington Times adds:

Rep. Gerald Connolly and Matthew Cartwight were having a conversation on the House balcony when they heard two bursts of about seven or eight rounds.

“We were like what is that,” Mr. Connolly said. ” I thought fireworks.”

Then the Capitol Police started waving for them to go inside.

Staffers said the shooter had been caught and apparently an officer was injured.

As the reports came through, a convoy of Capitol Police cars sped up Constitution Avenue and officers were scouring the area just outside the Senate with rifles at the ready.

At one point an officer was crouched with a rifle to his shoulder as he guarded visitors who had been walking up a path around the Capitol.


More from Allahpundit at Hot Air, who links to tweets from congressmen and journalists, which indicate that early reports are that police were chasing a black automobile up Constitution Ave. near the Capitol building, and then someone — can’t tell if it was police or the passengers of the car being chased, or both — exchanged “10 or 15 gunshots in rapid succession.” But that shooter(s) was/were arrested.

Obviously, these are early reports, and the story will be developing over time. Not to mention, sadly, the MSM narrative as well, alas.

Update: And they’re off! “The First Famous Person to Exploit the Capitol Hill Gunfire Is…”

More: “Report: All shots fired by police; Lefties continue to blame NRA and Tea Party.”


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