Rick Reilly Trolls the Left

Regrading the hatred for the name of the Washington Redskins by the uber-PC football-hating left, Rick Reilly of ESPN “decided to have a bit of fun with this and point out to the (almost uniformly) white liberals who operate the above outlets that, well, actual Indians don’t have a problem with the name,” Sunny Bunch of the Washington Free Beacon writes:


If I can circle back to this post on political correctness, there’s another line from Chuck Klosterman’s essay on Andrew Dice Clay and the reaction that gave rise to him that is worth quoting in this context: “I’m reticent to use the term ‘political correctness.’ I realize it drives certain people really, really crazy. (My wife is one of these people.)” My experiences confirm Klosterman’s point. And the reaction to Reilly’s comment is a perfect example of the phenomenon. It is kind of amazing the response you get as soon as you make the entirely uncontroversial point that opposition to the name “Redskin” is rooted in little more than reactionary, kneejerk political correctness.

I get the sense that Reilly wrote this column just to see what the PC police would do. And they didn’t disappoint.

To mix and match the favorite slogans of Glenn Reynolds and former Redskins coach Vince Lombardi, run to daylight, and read the whole thing.

Related: For more reporting from the toxic battlefield of PC versus the NFL, a few angry San Francisco 49ers fans upset with the roar of the crowd noise at the Seattle Seahawks stadium after the ‘Hawks stomped the ‘Niners 29 to 3 this past Sunday “called on the NFL to establish a rule to set a noise level ceiling. Teams that violate that rule more than three times would give up their home games.”


Wow, normally proud and snobbish 49ers fans as just another leftwing San Francisco victims group. I’ve officially read it all.

Actually though, if they really wanted to get revenge against the Seahawks, they’d call on the NFL to banish their current uniforms. Far more so than the Seahawks’ original (and pretty bad) togs, these things are truly hideous.


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