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Say, How's That Era of New Civility Working Out?

Two administrations in one:

"Obama Urges ‘Civility’ in Public Discourse."

— The New York Times, January 11th, 2011.

"Biden Calls Republicans 'Neanderthals.'"

— The Weekly Standard, yesterday.

As JWF adds, "We can only imagine the shocked face on Democrats when Republicans don’t roll over for Obama when he needs their votes for his Syrian folly." Particularly when Biden's insult comes on top of him calling Republicans "terrorists" in 2011 according to Obama house organ the Politico, and Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid calling them "anarchists" earlier this week.

The latter remark seems rather odd, even by Reid's Florsheim-in-mouth standards; libertarian Senator Rand Paul's proposed federal budget for 2014 is $3.2 trillion, which is "only" half a trillion less than the president's budget, and in any case, "That’s a lot of money for an anarchist who doesn’t believe in government," as Before it's News.com deadpanned on Thursday.