Ed Driscoll

Chris Matthews: Liz Cheney is a Superhero!


“You know what the Cheneys remind me of? Lynn and Dick Cheney? Like — They remind me of Superman in a movie as played by Marlon Brando and Eva Marie Saint. Packing their little kid into a little, a little missile to send him off to America or somewhere. It’s like — They’re like, they packed her into this little missile and their sending her off to Wyoming to continue the life form.”

I like Liz Cheney too, but it wasn’t until Chris Matthews came along that I thought of her as a superhero. Thanks, Chris!

(Also, that was British actress Susannah York as Brando’s wife and not Eva Marie Saint in the first Christopher Reeve Superman movie, but like the future Senator Blutarsky imagining the Germans had bombed Pearl Harbor, forget it, he’s rolling. Though given that Brando and Eva Marie Saint co-starred together in On the Waterfront, perhaps Warner Brothers could produce a cross-over movie in which Superman and his father swing into action to clean up union corruption on the New York docks. Co-starring Lex Luthor as Lee J. Cobb.)