Ed Driscoll

Hey, Show Biz, the Media, And Egypt, Not Too Shabby

“The Muslim Brotherhood is Telling The Truth: The Interim Egyptian President IS Jewish.” Yid With Lid sets the record straight:

Now that the word is leaking out, may It is high time to fess up and tell the world the truth: We Jews are running the protests in the Arab nations,  in fact we run everything — the entire world. And we’ve been running things for a very long time, manipulating world events for our own needs.

It’s time to reveal the truth that many famous people throughout history were actually Jewish — part of the plot to perpetuate the myth and keep us in charge.

Martin Luther – yep, a Jew! But that one was pretty obvious. After all, he is famous for quitting his church to form a new one. Ever ask a Jew about where he prays? He will tell you about the Synagogue he goes to –and the one he would never set foot in.

Mohammed? No he wasn’t a Jew but he worked for the Jews a couple of years. We fired him because he kept picking up the phone when we were talking to God thinking the the Lord wanted to talk to him. Finally we said to him, “Mo go take a walk and hit yourself with chains or something.” Who knew he would listen.

Napoleon was a Jew — no wonder he wanted to reconvene the Sanhedrin. The French Emperor had this nervous habit of playing with the Star of David hanging on a chain around his neck all the time. The guy would look ridiculous always sticking his hand in his shirt to play with the Star.

Alexander Graham Bell, another closet Jew, the only reason he invented the telephone was so he could call his mother.

I’d ask if control of outer space is next, but I think we all know the answer to that.

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(And yes, the headline was meant as an obscure callback to Adam Sandler.)