Ed Driscoll

'Alone Ranger'

“From what I’ve read, it’s like Howard Zinn wrote the screenplay,” blogger Christopher Taylor writes, in an excellent round-up of the Lone Ranger train wreck:

From what I’ve read, its like Howard Zinn wrote the screenplay. I guess the people behind the film thought it would be all clever and ironic to turn the Lone Ranger on its head — after all it worked so well for Green Hornet… oh yeah — and maybe they figured a movie that kicks America in the pills for two hours in its most beloved historical era would do well overseas.

But honestly, who thought this movie would do well? Anyone? Even the usual cocktail circuit leftist elite are disgusted by casting Johnny Depp as an Indian, as if there are no Indian actors. Maybe they could only get him because the real thing wanted nothing to do with it.

I have zero interest in this movie, even on Netflix or cable. It just doesn’t appeal to me at any level. If they’d taken the west seriously and focused on the legend of the Ranger and justice, well then you’d have something interesting – and these days, provocative, unique, and challenging for viewers. But no, they went the easy, typical route and people just are not interested.

Indeed; for my earlier round-up of what went wrong on this film (i.e.: everything), click here.

(Via American Digest, which reminds us that once upon a time, “Everybody liked our movies and loved our television shows.” But the left didn’t like that idea, and brought “Change” to the entertainment industry.)