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Great Moments in MSM 'Corrections'

"Lib ‘journalist’ blasts Twitchy for ‘fake’ pro-abortion photo, ends up eating crow:"

In The Atlantic Wire, senior writer Elspeth Reeve has produced an execrable article entitled “The Conservative Meme of Satan-Loving Texas Pro-Choice Protesters Is a Bit Off.”  Why is the conservative meme off? Because “only five protesters yelled about Satan.”

Yes, five. Just like the video linked by Twitchy and others shows.

But ace fact-checker Elle was just getting warmed up. She goes on to describe an even more treacherous example of conservative lies:

Click to enlarge screencap of the conclusion of Reeve's article:


As Twitchy reminds its readers, "Elspeth Reeve … such a stickler for factual accuracy!"

It's particularly ironic that her "correction" appeared in what's left of the Atlantic, particularly given their own faith-based issues in recent months:

atlantic_scientology_screencap_1-14-13 click to enlarge.