Ed Driscoll

What a Difference a Day Makes


● “Breaking: ObamaCare employer mandate to be delayed until 2015.”

— Headline (complete with red font color) at Hot Air today.

● “Pelosi Hails ObamaCare: It ‘Captures the Spirit of Our Founders’”

— Headline at Newsbusters yesterday.

But hey, wait a minute! Brian Williams, until very recently, a prominent corporate spokesman for GE, which has gone all-in on ObamaCare, says that the Founding Fathers are the equivalent of terrorists

…One of whom helped launch the career of Barack Obama

…Who has been compared by the MSM to the Founding Fathers. (Or “Founding Founders” as the White House likes to call them these days.)

Of course, if the Founding Founders had wanted socialized medicine, they would have incorporated the notion into the Constitution. Arguably, the last time America had a limited federal government whose scope was anything close to their original vision, it was during the Coolidge era — and era which FDR compared to “the spirit of Fascism.” Which brings us back, I suppose, to Brian Williams’ analogy.

Man, I wish the left would make up their minds on American history.  Going ’round and ’round the Mobius Loop is giving me a headache. But then, as the old Russian saying went, “In the Soviet Union, the future is always certain — it’s the past which is always changing.”