Ed Driscoll

Kids in Service to Saul

“Hail Satan’: Abortion supporters troll pro-lifers outside Texas capitol,” according to Twitchy, which includes a tweet from a CNN staffer who confirms the use of the S-word. (Though wanting to keep his job, he’s of course a bit coy in his tweet about who was uttering the word.) And found via American Glob, Texas-based blogger Adam Cahnman has video of the apparent incident, including a young facially-pierced woman who appears to shout the phrase into the video camera. (Might want to turn your audio down before playing the video; especially if you’re wearing headphones as I was when watching, alas.)

If true, perhaps the pro-abortion protestors simply reminding the world how much they’ve gleaned — whether they not it or not — from The Book of Saul. Back in 2009, David Horowitz noted whom Saul Alinsky dedicated his Obama/Hillary handbook to:

For the Hillary-Soros generation of johnny-come-lately radicals and their ACORN footsoldiers, Alinksy is their Sun-Tzu and his book Rules for Radicals is the field manual for their struggle. I thought while I’m refreshing my acquaintance with this destructive fellow and re-reading his text, I would share my thoughts with you, serially over the next week.

For this first post, let’s just focus on the dedication of the book — to Satan:

“Lest we forget, an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical:” (Pause there for second. Now continue): “from all our legends, mythology, and history(and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”

In any case, it’s a reminder that “Wendy Davis Offers a Warning for Democrats,” Ramesh Ponnuru of NRO writes at Bloomberg.com (of all places):

The country’s views on abortion, as measured in polls, haven’t changed much since 2004. (If anything there has been a slight movement in the pro-life direction.) And Republicans once again have specific legislation that doesn’t include their least popular stands and highlights Democratic extremism.

Most Democrats haven’t considered the possibility that the politics of the issue have thus moved back in favor of Republicans.

One warning sign came when John McCormack, a writer for the conservative Weekly Standard, asked Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi why she condemned Gosnell while also seeking to keep late-term abortions legal. Instead of answering, she sputtered about how the question offended her as a Catholic and a mother. Democrats who come from less uniformly liberal districts will have to do better.

Defending late-term abortions is going to be especially hard for Democrats from red states, such as Davis, to sustain politically. Davis won’t keep the Texas bill from passing, and the odds are against her becoming governor. She can still look forward to a consolation prize: a star-studded play about her greatness. Broadway loves defeated Texas liberals.

Or as Moe Lane writes, “One of the more useful things that have occurred over the last year is that a bunch of the people who really and truly can be called ‘pro-abortion’ have lost their camouflage, and can now be distinguished from people who are merely ‘pro-choice.’ Turns out that a bunch of the latter aren’t really cool with late-term abortion, either: go figure.”