Wargaming the Supremes' Gay Marriage Decision

Today is likely “Gay-marriage-pocalypse Day for the United States and American culture,” Zombie writes at the PJ Tatler, along with “your scorecard for [Wednesday’s] cultural armageddon:”


Depending on how one or two cranky Supreme Court justices feel, starting tomorrow America will either be transformed into the most progressive and transgressive forward-looking nation in history, or will descend into an endless nightmare of fascistic medieval hate.

(If you detect the whiff of sarcasm, you must be mistaken.)

Many (actually, most) people are confused about what might happen, but luckily the folks at The American Foundation for Equal Rights have produced an extremely well-designed handy-dandy infographic outlining all potential outcomes of tomorrow’s Supreme Court ruling.

Below, please find your scorecard for tomorrow’s cultural armageddon

In case it needs any clarification, here’s a quick explanation:

The court could issue any of three basic rulings:

● They could STRIKE DOWN California’s Proposition 8 (which banned gay marriage in the state).

● They could punt and DECLINE TO RULE.

● Or they could UPHOLD it.

(Click image to view full-size:)

And unless the hammer has already dropped by the time you’re reading this, click over to the Tatler for Zombie’s own take on the possible outcome.


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