Ed Driscoll

IRS? Data Surveillance? Holder? Nothing to See Here Says Washington Post


From the “‘Can’t make this s*** up file’: Can you guess WaPo’s absurd choice for ‘Worst Week in Washington’?”

Well, you already know, given that the Post has admitted that they’re completely in tank for the current administration, who won’t be there:


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This isn’t the first time in recent weeks that the Washington Post has tweeted, “move along, nothing to see here” in regards to breaking news coming out of Washington:


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But look at it from the point of view of the poor schlub who has to write the WaPo’s Twitter Feed: Hey, somebody high up emailed the New York Times to get them to soften their op-ed this week condemning Barack Obama and his administration as having “lost all credibility.” Could have been the White House; it wouldn’t be the first time they emailed a “news” source demanding a correction. Could have been someone in the ozone layer of the Times’ management, perhaps Pinch himself. And inside the Washington Post, the juiceboxers ran roughshod over that newspaper’s best-known correspondent when he noted that the Sequester was the Obama administration’s own idea, not the GOPs. If the Post is willing to destroy Bob Woodward for the cause, what hope do I — the anonymous guy who writes their Twitter feed have if I type the wrong thing?

Best to declare then the Washington Nationals are really taking it on the chin this week. And leave the real news to somebody else. Maybe the Guardian or Fox News. (Speaking of which, perhaps the WaPo’s hapless Twitter guy said to himself, look what Holder did to James Rosen. Wouldn’t want that to happen to me, just for a frickin’ Tweet.)

Update: “Washington Post Whiffs On Obama Scandals; Investigates Fox News Supply Closet,” John Nolte writes at Big Journalism. “And while it is fun to laugh this stuff off, you have to look at the The Matrix of what is really going on — which is pure character assassination.”

Character assassination at the Post? That’s unpossible!