Ed Driscoll

All in the Family

“Last month, media commentator Richard Grenell broke the story about ABC and CBS News directors having siblings in the White House,” Noel Sheppard writes at Newsbusters. “On Saturday’s Fox News Watch, Grenell revealed that NBC News senior political editor Mark Murray is married to an Obama official.” That official is Sasha Johnson, a former CNN producer who became US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood’s PR flack in 2011, and is now the chief of staff at the FAA, according to the Hill

“The media connections to this White House are breathtaking,” Noel writes. And they help to explain the battered spouse syndrome that the MSM feels as they’re serially abused by BHO. Or as Neil Cavuto puts it, the tone from the White House is, “If you’re not gonna love me, fear me:”

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