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Paranoia Strikes Deep


"Politico’s Glenn Thrush suspects organized army of climate change trolls on Twitter," Twitchy notes:

Politico’s White House correspondent Glenn Thrush was one of the first out of the gate to politicize the killer tornado that hit Moore, Okla., earlier this month, noting how “striking” it was that the state’s two senators are a “federal spending skeptic” and a “climate change denier.” Thrush received some backlash for the timing of that observation if not the content, and today he’s wondering if there’s some sort of organized or even paid effort to troll those who tag every extreme weather event with the “climate change” label.

Huh, go figure. Why on earth would a left-leaning Politico reporter think that's there's some sort of top-down organized effort to shape and control the content of the news media?

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