Ed Driscoll

Memorial Day: One Giant Leap for Googlekind


All hail Google’s Memorial Day celebration!

Try not to be blown away by the majesty and the power of what the finest team of design artists, working for the most powerful Website on the planet have at last unveiled, particularly since that’s it above, full size, on Google’s splashpage today.

At the Search Engine Roundtable, the Website contrasts Google’s pathetic effort with screen captures of Microsoft’s Bing search engine and Ask.com today:

Today is Memorial Day in the United States of America, a very important day to show your American patriotism and thank our soliders for protecting the country.

To celebrate the day, some of the search engines place logos, ribbons or deck out their pages with full designed themes. The question is, which is most appropriate?

Google goes very minimalistic with a small ribbon, while Bing completely overhauls their background image. Both are very tasteful but some might say Google is doing too little, while others might say Bing is going over the top. Is there a middle ground or are we looking into these things way too much?

No, we’re not, since they reveal what a corporate Website wants to tell its users about its management’s worldview and its place in history. Speaking of the latter, at Maggie’s Farm, they’re amazed that Google actually has anything at all on “This Day in History:”

And you were there.

I imagine you’ve seen some pretty splashy ‘doodles’ in place of the ‘Google’ name when there’s an important event to honor, like the birthday of some Italian painter from the 17th century.  Lesser events, like the Junior League’s Summer Cotillion or the Annual Cornhuskers County Fair, don’t get any doodle at all.

Or Memorial Day.

After all, to the sensitive leftists who run Google, that would be glorifying war.

And we can’t have any of that.

Now, I could be wrong and maybe they did this last year and I just didn’t notice, but I went to Google just now and my jaw nearly hit the floor.

The way it just leaps out at you!

Heh. I believe Google actually first added a microscopic Memorial Day thumbnail to their splashpage in 2009, both after President Obama took office, and after a decade of the tranzi Website being beaten up annually by troglodytic rightwing neocon deathbeast websites throughout the Blogosphere, such as ours. The previous year, while Google’s bête noire was still in the White House, our own Zombie even offered readers a contest where they could submit their own ideas for a Google Memorial Day splashpage. Too bad Google didn’t use any of them for inspiration, but then, presumably, their current effort is designed much more to shut down complaints than it is to actually celebrate the holiday.

Related: At Twitchy, “Bing vs. Google: Which search engine did a better job honoring Memorial Day?”

Yahoo, incidentally appears to have nothing on its homepage commemorating Memorial Day. But here’s Bing’s eloquent, beautifully composed image for its splashpage today:


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