Ed Driscoll

Blue On Blue: Ari Emanuel Rips NBC

“Hollywood uber-agent Ari Emanuel sent a fiery legal letter to NBC after he objected to a contentious interview he and his high-powered brothers sat for with Brian Williams for Rock Center,” sources tell the New York Post’s Page Six column:

The brothers — Ari, Chicago Mayor Rahm and bioethicist Ezekiel — appeared on the show, in a segment that aired Friday, to talk about Ezekiel’s upcoming book, “Brothers Emanuel: A Memoir of an American Family.” But a source said that when they met Williams earlier this month to pretape it at a Manhattan bar, the NBC anchor was acting “like it was for ‘Meet the Press.’ ”

“Ari was not happy with it,” the source said of the aggressive interview done in a casual setting. “It was very odd, and [the brothers] were caught off guard. They were there to talk about the book and growing up together. They had offers to do this interview with lots of other people.”

Spies added that “something was just off.”

And, apparently, Ari felt things were “off” enough that he subsequently sent a letter to NBC, objecting.

A source told us that the letter said, ‘This was not what we agreed to. He felt like he did the interview in good faith and he was irritated.”

And God forbid Obama cronies receive something less than a tongue bath from the president’s favorite network and its spinoffs. (Wait — is NBC actually capable of doing tough interviews with its fellow “Progressives?” That would be news in and of itself if it were true.)

And note that this isn’t the first time that an Obama associate has emailed an NBC network when he was unhappy with the coverage. But will the network make its course correction on air this time around?

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