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On the CNN Chyron at 11:00 pm Pacific Wednesday night: SEN. PAUL DRONES ON… AND ON… And while CNN deserves credit for having Reason’s Mike Riggs on to present the libertarian side of the debate, the Chyron is likely the only thing the now-proverbial low-information voter will take from Paul’s historic filibuster. Particularly the cable viewer clicking through the channels with his remote, where the Chryon for a news network functions in much the same way as one of Max Headroom’s Blipverts.

Even before former NBC head Jeff Zucker has implemented most of long-term strategy to transform this moribund opinion network, its transformation into MSNBC appears to be near complete.

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Update: Welcome readers clicking in from Instapundit, Jim Treacher, and the PJM homepage. And from Ace of Spades, who adds:

Obama always gets the Tone of Seriousness and Heroism in CNN’s reporting; anyone who challenges him gets the Tone of Comedy, of Ridicule, of Triviality.

It doesn’t matter what people do or say. We’re accustomed to watching movies and TV, in which the what a character says or does is only incidental to his Heroism. The main determinant of whether someone’s a hero or villain is simply how the movie treats him tonally.

Only the Designated Hero Wins Applause. AP edits out the standing ovation Paul received at the conclusion of his filibuster.

Even though Paul is making the same objections AP (and Erin Burnett) used to make — and considered themselves quite Heroic for so objecting — he can’t be the Hero because we already know King Barack is the Hero.

So Paul must be the Clown or the Villain. A movie can only have one Hero.

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