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“CNN’s Ali Velshi: Sequester Will Destroy Obama’s Booming Economy!”

Ali Velshi is CNN’s Chief Business Correspondent and Barack Obama’s Chief Sequester Propagandist. This so-called correspondent is a living breathing pipe-organ for the White House and its latest push to blame sequester — and by extension, the GOP — for Obama’s failed economic policies.

A little after 2pm ET today, Velshi appeared on CNN with Brooke Baldwin. She asked how the business community is reacting to sequester. His response was to use both hands to grab hold of Obama’s talking points from earlier today and spread that sequester gospel like one of the president’s apostles:

Generally speaking the word from the business community is pretty standard. We are at a time in our economy where it would be useful to be building and expanding. We got unemployment edging down, jobs being created, very low interest rates, and an energy boom. We could be really moving to the top of the global pile in terms of economic activity, and this sort of thing [sequester] is like the government sticking its foot out just as your gaining speed as you’re running.

Where to begin?

This isn’t a little partisan spin coming from Velshi, it is full-blown Orwellian propagandizing. You expect this kind of flackery from David Axelrod, not someone CNN poses as an objective correspondent.

I’d say it takes the cake, but Velshi already gave the Obama administration one of those on the air in 2010, to celebrate the first year of the “Stimulus:”

“Come on CNN, can’t you do a little better than this?”, John Nolte asks at Big Journalism. But the scarier question is: what if they can’t?